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Büyükkayacık OSB Mah. Evrenköy Cad. No: 32 42250 / Selçuklu / KONYA / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 332 235 6423
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  • Tillage Equipment
  • Sowing Planting Equipment
  • Fertilizer Application Equipment
  • Plant Protection Equipment

Agromaster, which moves forward with confident and determined steps towards becoming a global brand, currently represents itself with 47.000 working machines in 67 countries worldwide. Agromaster , since 1962, with its corporate experience and the 3rd generation management, has been working diligently by following the world Agriculture innovations and trends closely, evaluating today and tomorrow in the same prism. The rapid population growth and the decrease in agricultural lands, makes agricultural production indispensable. Agromaster s mission is to enable optimum price / quality ratio while providing solutions to the farmers of the world for all stages of agricultural production from cultivation, seeding and crop protection to harvesting. The company has a vast product portfolio which consists of 150 different agricultural machines. Since 1992, by examining the agricultural lands of more than 67 countries of the world with its expert staff, Agromaster has been offering the best oriented solutions to its customers. Even if we know that we are one of the factories with the best conditions in our country according to its production area, machinery and equipment park in our sector, we do not hesitate to renew and develop the number necessary equipment and and continuously invest to both machinery and qualified employee departments of production. We attach great importance to providing solutions to all our world wide farmers together with our dealer and supplier network starting from installation, operation support till to spare parts supply and warranty service. By synchronizing our 58-year business culture with extraordinary developing speed of today s world, we have determined that our most important mission is to be a solution partner rather than being a supplier to our customers.

Pneumatic Precision PlanterPLANTERS

Pneumatic planters for precision seeding of corn, sunflower, sugarbeet, cotton, soya and other crops is the ideal answer to the problems of modern agriculture in which maximum efficiency must be combined with minimum cost.


Seed Drills provide seed planting on prepared soil. Widely used for seeding of cereal seeds (wheat, rye, barley, oats, etc.),legumes (peas, beans, lentils, etc.) crops, as well as seeds of other crops close to the size of seeds and seed rate to crops, along with fertilizer.

Potato Planters and Potato HarvestersPOTATO PLANTERS AND POTATO HARVESTERS

Potato planter is produced with hydraulic lifting lever and universal three point linkage system. Seed distance can be adjusted to sow 12 different positions by changing the transmission gears. And also this machine has a special belt with bucket that enables to sow singly. The spaces between rows are whether stable or can be adjusted from 62 to 75 cm. It has a successful mechanism which enables to sieve the potato-tubers in harsh, soft and normal soil conditions. Potato tubers are passing within a two differential double sieving mechanism which clean the tubers from the soil and put all of them to the sieved soil in an order. It can harvest up to 25 cm depth by means of segmented harvesting blade in harsh and soft soil conditions


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